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About me

I will give you a short overview of who I am / where i come from. I have a business background, worked in front of the camera since I was 18 and, like that, learned a lot from the amazing photographers and artistic people I worked with along the way. I can relate to the feeling of feeling exposed in front of the camera - especially when there´s no previous experience - and I have my methods to deal with it, which i am glad to share with you when infront of my lense. On the other hand, I have a bachelor degree in International Economics with a focus on Marketing from WU Vienna. In Berlin I worked for a fashion distribution agency in Brand Management with various brands (including Freddywear, Minimum & Les Deux) for the german market. Everything I have learned on the way by working in these different industries helped me devolop a set of skills and gain knowledge first hand from various angles of the industry. Knowing the structures and processes of a brand&business, working in the b2b & b2c fashion market, being infront of the camera and working with clients as a model&actor. Nowadays I enjoy working as a photographer & videographer - using the experiences and learnings I obtained along the way to help navigate (if desired by the client) and create the image&message you want to convey.