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"It's one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like,

it's another thing to make a portrait of who they are" -Paul Caponigro



Headshots for actors, Pr/Business pictures or just to capture the 'you' you are today but won´t be tomorrow.

As i see it, taking a picture of someone is a collaboration. Finding a natural and authentic 'You' in the picture is the aim and we will team up to get there together.

Brands / Business

/braends/ /ˈbɪz.nɪz/

Fashion, E-commerce, Lookbooks, Social Media Content, Behind the Brand/Business stories

As I come from a business background, I can already be involved in the planning and conceptual part of the shooting. Making sure the shots reach the right target group, convey the right feeling and stay true to your brand/business identity is a big part of it.



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Oliver Magda


Serbian&Romanian heritage
1991 - Born in Bavaria
Cities i lived in: Berchtesgaden, Montevideo, Vienna, Amsterdam, Berlin
Languages I speak: German, English, Romanian, Serbian, Spanish, French
Worked infront of the camera as a model since 2012
2015: Bachelor of Science - WU Vienna - International Business Administration /w focus on marketing
2016: moved to Berlin
2016 - 2019: Brand Management - Deluxe Distribution - clients i worked with: Les Deux, Minimum, Freddywear
2017: started photography (on the side at that time)
2021-now: full on freelance photographer/videographer